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Recycled Aggregates

Predominantly due to its endurance and practicality, crushed stone is used in practically every construction and landscaping project. However, the cost of quarrying and transportation, not to mention the associated carbon footprint forced the industry to provide a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.

The MJB Group has, over several years through extensive Reasearch & Development, created a number of high quality, excellent value, sustainable and certified recycled aggregates.

The recycled aggregates available from MJB are, quite simply, a by-product of materials gathered from construction site clearances following demolition. This material is brought to our recycling centre where foreign objects are carefully removed to allow the crushing, screening and grading process to take place.

  • 3" Down or Clean
  • 5" Down or Clean
  • Crusher Run
  • 20mm Pipe Bedding
  • Fill Sand
  • Gabion Walling
  • Drystone Walling
  • Crushed Concrete
  • 6F2
  • Scalpings
  • Mot Type1
  • Dot Type 1
  • Clean 40mm

Recycled Topsoil

Topsoil is the uppermost layer of soil. It is anywhere from two to eight inches in depth and contains most of the organic material that provides nutrients for plant growth. When putting in new plantings, it is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly to use recycle topsoil.

Similar to how our recycled aggregates are produced, following construction site excavation clearances, foreign objects are carefully removed and fed through our state-of-the-art industrial-grade screener to ensure the end product is of the very best quality.